French loanwords in Bulgarian and Persian

As we know, French culture and language used to have a vast influence in Europe and not only. Curiously, but not surprisingly I found out that there are quite many French loanwords that are used  in both Bulgarian and Persian languages.

For one part of these I prepared some slides. Others, I will post simply in a table.


Dilmano, dilbero!

This is the title of a Bulgarian folk song –

There is an interesting story behind the title. These two words are considered to be archaic and in particular the word Dilmana – to be a personal name. Here Dilmano is in vocative case. But after searching a bit I found out that the word Dilmana actually is of a hindi origin and it means girl-friend. While dilber – dilbero is in vocative case, as well – means dear, beloved, a sweetheart. And I found that in Persian the word دلبر – Sweetheart and دلمن – my heart.

Ahmad Shamlou – a poem

کار دیگری نداریم
من و خورشید
برای دوست داشتنت
بیدار می شویم
هر صبح

احمد شاملو

——-       ——-       ——-       ——-       ——-       ——-

Não temos nada mais para fazer

O sol e eu –

Alem de amar você

(E por isso) Acordaremos

À cada amanhecer

——-       ——-       ——-       ——-       ——-       ——-

Друга работа си нямаме

Слънцето и аз

За да те обичаме

Ще се събуждаме

Всяка заран